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Within the framework of the Project on Promotion of Children’s Rights and Business Principles (CRBP) among Enterprises in Vietnam (CRBP Project), the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI) and its partners the Social Work - Community Development Research and Consultancy (SDRC) and the Centre for Child Rights and Business organise a series of training sessions during October & November 2021 for enterprises related to young workers at the workplace. The training program focuses especially on three targeted industries: Footwear and Apparel; Information, Communication and Technology (ITC), and Travel & Tourism Industries. The kick-off webinar and training sessions are organised online in October & November 2021 and are free-of-charge for enterprises.

The training sessions are organised to strengthen the knowledge, capacity and commitment of enterprises with high impact on children and focus on the following 3 topics:
  • Topic 1: Child Labour Prevention and Remediation
  • Topic 2: Young Worker Protection
  • Topic 3: Skill Development for Young Workers
Interested enterprises are invited to participate in all 3 topics and participating enterprises are expected to have high commitment to develop their own action plan after the training. Each enterprise are invited to nominate maximum two (2) eligible representatives to participate in the training program. Participants will be provided with Certificates after fully participating in the training sessions.

The key objective of our webinars is to provide more details on the training programme to make sure enterprises understand the training lay out and the benefits of the training sessions to their business before committing to enroll for the online training sessions. It is expected that invited enterprises of the 3 targeted sectors will participate in their respective webinar in order to enroll maximum 2 representatives to participate in the training sessions during October & November 2021.
  • Duration: 2 hours
  • LocationA Zoom link to be shared with registered participant
  • Target audienceEnterprises from 3 targeted sectors (apparel & footwears, tourism, and ITC), and potential trainers from consultancy firms and training & development organisations
  • Time & Date: Two seperate webinar sessions for two groups of industries: 
    • Session 1: 9:00-11:00 Thursday, 7 October 2021 for Apparel & Footwear suppliers
    • Session 2: 9:00-11:00 Friday, 8 October 2021 for Tourism and ITC enterprises
  • Tentative agenda and training contents: See below
  • Participant selection criteria: See below
For more details or technical supports, please contact Mr. Phan Le Thang on his phone 0972646946 or via email:





Number of participants: Maximum 2 participants from each enterprise

Selection Criteria:
  1. Being interested and desired to learn about policies for child labour prevention & remediation and young worker development
  2. Currently working in the HR department, trade union, or Corporate Social Responsibility roles
  3. Having good communication skills and organizational skills
  4. Experienced in organising or supporting group work and/or training activities.
  5. Showing maturity, professionalism and positive attitude
  6. Being able to arrange time (allowed by the enterprise) and commit to the following 2 requirements:
    • Fully participate in the 3-week online training program according to the attached training plan organized by UNICEF and VCCI together with the Social Work - Community Development Research and Consulting Center (SDRC) and the Center for Child Rights and Business
    • After the training program, advise the enterprise’s management board to implement internal training programs in the enterprise after being trained
Desired Criteria:
  1. Having kknowledge of social protection, corporate social responsibility, children's rights is preferential
  2. Having good presentation skills and confidence in public speaking
  3. Be a positive influencer in the workplace
Benefits of joining the program:
  1. Trainees will be provided with a full package of training materials and tools for three topics:
    • Topic 1: Child Labour Prevention and Remediation
    • Topic 2: Young Worker Protection
    • Topic 3: Skill Development for Young Workers
  2. Trainees will be equipped with skills and tools to be able to organize effective internal training and will also benefit from connecting with other students and trainers for experience sharing.
  3. Trainees will have a chance to improve their capacity in applying a learner-centered approach and leadership skills to conduct interactive sessions, which can be used as a training model on other topics/issues in the enterprise.
  4. After fully participating in the online training program and being confirmed by the Project, trainees will be granted a Certificate of Completion of the training program and can use the materials and tools provided by the Project to organize internal training for the enterprise.
Tasks of trainees after participating in the training program:
  1. Within one or two month after the completion of the training program, the trainees shall advise the enterprise’s management board to implement an internal training plan in the enterprise
  2. Within six months, the internal training plan shall be rolled out with at least one session/topic