These are the key findings of the survey on “Children’s Rights and Business Principles at Workplace in Vietnam”. It was conducted under the framework of UNICEF’s funded project “Children’s Rights and Business Principles among Enterprises in Vietnam” which is implemented by the Office for Business Sustainable Development (SDforB) at the Vietnam Chambers of Commerce and Industry (VCCI). It was developed based on the UNICEF’s Global survey on Workplace Policies and was conducted from April – May 2019 by the survey team from Management and Sustainable Development Institute (MSD) – a local NGO working on Children’s Rights and Business Principles.

The survey gathered the responses of 101 companies with the effort to provide insights and guidance on how companies/businesses respect and commit in protecting children’s rights in Vietnam with a focus on three major sectors i.e. Apparel and Footwear, Tourism and Travel, Information, Communications and Technology. The survey was also open to some other sectors that are part of global supply chain. It shows how companies/businesses are engaging in protecting children’s rights as well as identifying the challenges met in implementing children’s rights policies at workplace.

The analysis and recommendations of the survey are focused on the following areas:
  • Family Friendly workplace policies
  • Child Labour Prevention and Youth Employment
  • Migrant workers and their families
  • Policies for business partners

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