Beyond the immediate public health risk, the COVID-19 outbreak is heavily affecting the labour market and the economy, as well as creating pressures for families in general and women in specific.

In an effort to address the impacts of COVID-19, companies are making a number of socially beneficial communications to the public. Seeing this effort, UNICEF has released a piece of guidance for businesses on marketing and advertising during the crisis, in collaboration with UN Women. The guidance provides recommendations for business to avoid harmful stereotypes and promote transformative gender portrayals. It includes tangible actions and considerations for companies related to:
  • How can companies develop gender sensitive messages;
  • How can companies ensure empowered gender norms in marketing (especially in COVID-19 related marketing messages);
  • How can companies empower women in the workplace, marketplace and community (especially given how women will be impacted by the COVID-19 crisis).

During this time of global crisis, we have a crucial opportunity to inspire everyone to work together in the ongoing enterprise of promoting positive gender roles to everyone’s benefit. When we depict positive gender roles, taking care to include female perspectives and avoid harmful stereotypes around women’s and girls’ roles in society, media and marketing and advertising, we can play a proactive role in challenging social norms and discrimination and balancing the burden of care currently experienced in homes around the world.

Download the document HERE.